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art prints advice

Avoid prints ruined by resizing

You can sometimes came across at cheap prints online shops that sell paintings reproductions for very cheap size. But if ...
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oil painting fakes

Avoid oil painting reproductions cheating!

How oil painting fakes are being made If you are looking to buy real oil painting reproductions of famous art ...
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post impressionism of van gogh

The Genius of Van Gogh

Impressionist Legacy As we mentioned in article about impressionism, a piece of art that evokes more feeling in its viewers ...
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Bright impressions of life

At all times people tend to decorate their homes with art that correspond to their inner mood and feelings. Today ...
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print artel

Print Artel – museum quality art prints

Print Artel advantages is an online art shop powered by FineArtAmerica print-on-demand company. In its turn FineArtAmerica or Pixels is ...
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famous art

World famous art is still in fashion

Looking through different articles about home design in internet and printed magazines one can notice that almost everywhere examples of ...
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