Avoid prints ruined by resizing

You can sometimes came across at cheap prints online shops that sell paintings reproductions for very cheap size. But if you pay attention you will notice that all prints and canvases of all painters are offered with the same sizes.

Ofcourse different paintings even of the same artist can not be of the same size! That means they just crop a painting cutting out parts of it to feet their standard size canvases or prints and that is why they are so cheap.

Here is en example:

The Starry Night of Van Gogh is 74 cm x 92 cm originally and look like this:

van gogh original

But one shop is offering its prints in such incorrect deminsions like 12” x 8 ” so it becomes:

not right

Or even a square version, that is totally strange:

not right 2

Please remember this when choosing art prints!  Look attentively on the sizes offered and check if the same sizes do not repeat for each painting and the image is preserved without cruelly cutting parts of it or resizing it disproportionately.

Here is correct dimensions canvas print of The Starry Night print from PrintArtel.com:

correct van gogh