Avoid oil painting reproductions cheating!

How oil painting fakes are being made

If you are looking to buy real oil painting reproductions of famous art pieces you should know the way how to avoid fraud here.

So what is the process of making a fake oil painting? The method is very simple. First of all a canvas print of an original painting, lets take “Sunset” of Monet, is being covered with just a few strokes of an acrylic gel medium top, just matching in colour some places on the picture that is printed on the canvas.

Later when the gel dries some kind of varnish can be applied to give it glossy of a real oil painting. And then this print of Monet is offered as an authentic oil painting reproduction for a very low price!

Very often you can see such fakes in many art shops (not online), they are usually look very smooth and little bit blurred unlike real oil paintings, and of course cheaper in price.

However, sometimes such fakes are being sold even for a very high price of some thousands of dollars. And in some cases some photography studios fools the customers buy offering them an “oil painted” portrait” that is just their photo covered with an acrylic gel.

And of course do not jump on offers of cheap oil paintings in the internet – you have no possibility to check if they are real unless you see them in live!

On the other hand some shops truly state that their prints can be covered with acrylic gel to give it an oil look and they do not give i as real painting but offering such a service for the buyer on their choice. Then everything is ok here and nothing to worry.

Any way the best way to obtain a real oil painting is to find an artist in your area where you live, at an art school or art courses or ask among your friends and relatives. It is more lengthy process but finally a hundred percent real and authentic oil painting is guaranteed!